Anwendungsbespiel Vitiligo-Hände
Die einzigartige Vitiligo-Creme
As an innovative cream, vitilosan was developed with the collaboration of Chinese doctors. The cream promotes the health and the health of the skin by combining traditional Chinese recipes with Ayurvedic knowledge and is intended to support the ability of the skin to pigment! Vitilosan can help to strengthen the pigmentation and natural repigmentation thanks to its unique formulation, especially when pigmentation problems have arisen as a result of vitiligo or white spot disease.

What are the causes of vitiligo?

Melanocytes are the cells in the human skin, which are responsible for the pigmentation. In the schematic representation of the skin below you will find the melanocytes in the upper right.

If the melanocytes are weakened, pigmentation may occur.

The reasons for this are not yet fully investigated, but:

  • Vitiligo is common in some families. This suggests the presumption of hereditary disposition.
  • Vitiligo increases after the skin has been exposed to the sun intensively, sunburn can cause pigment losses.